How to Make the Most of Your HVAC System This Summer


Are you having issues with your HVAC system?

With summer officially here, the weather is sweltering hot and often uncomfortable. It is important to ensure your system is running smoothly, and there are specific measures to take to keep your house as cool as it can be for the summer. ECI Systems HVAC Technician, Bob Armitage, elaborates on simple steps you can take at home to keep everything in check. 

Clean filter- People often neglect to change their filter, but a clogged filter can collect debris and become clogged over time, blocking proper air flow. Change your filter every 3 months for optimal air flow.

Make sure the outdoor unit is clean- Use a water hose to clean the outside unit of your system with a no pressure washer with minimum pressure. When mowing the lawn, be careful to make sure that grass clippings stay away from the outside unit.

Keep the temperature set – When you are constantly changing the temperature setting, the unit is forced to work harder. There is no right or wrong setting for heating or cooling, it is based on personal preference, but it is important to keep air circulating through the system to ensure it stays cool in your home.

Close blinds and curtains- Keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day will help to keep heat out of the house and to keep the air cool.

Make sure ceiling fan is counter clockwise- Make sure your ceiling fan is spinning counter clockwise to create cool downward airflow during the summer, and to keep the hot air out of the space. 

Don’t run bathroom fans as often-  Try not to run bathroom fans as often as they tend to pull the conditioned air out of the space, often due to duct obstruction.

Contact ECI Systems for your HVAC system check to ensure everything is running smoothly. We will make sure that the Freon levels are correct, clean and inspect the unit, remove covers, and these measures will help to ensure your HVAC unit is running harder and smarter in this intense summer heat. Call us today for your HVAC check: 785.456.8896

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